Jan 21

Your First Choice for Quality Equipment Rentals and Service

  • Professionally trained technicians available 24/7.
  • Fuel Service for rental equipment or customer owned equipment available 24/7.
  • Full Integral Service including fuel supply, freight, installation and maintenance
  • Our service friendly staff are standing by to handle all your company requirements.

Equipment Rentals

Red-D-Arc Mexico provides preventive and corrective maintenance during the course of the rental period. We always use OEM replacement parts when working on our machines. We understand that your business depends on having equipment that is fully operational. If any piece of rental equipment isn't providing the service you require, we'll fix it or replace it promptly.

Integrated Service

We move the equipment to and from your job-site and can help relocate the equipment on-site as well. We also provide fuel supply, installation and maintenance. All of these services are controlled by our logistics dept. to ensure uninterrupted operation of both the equipment and your business.

Customized Service

Includes rental, service and installation. We also provide all the required accessories, safety and environmental protection.

  • Cables
  • Grounding
  • Environmental Spill Mat
  • Back-Equipment
  • Transfer Switch